Filmography > Le fleuve et son île

The River and Its Island

If one word had to be chosen to define Montreal, one could describe the city as an interface.  A city that owes its existence to its strategic position within the continent, close to the Lachine Rapids.  Cradled in the arms of the Saint Lawrence, Montreal is the daughter of the river.

This film witnesses the impact of the river on the city.  It tells of the importance of the port, one of the richest in the middle of the nineteenth century.  Going back in time, we will also talk about Montreal during the time of New France.  We will discover a city that, during the nineteenth century, was built with the money of Scottish and English entrepreneurs, and with Irish labour.  This is the era of the construction of the Victoria Bridge and the Lachine Canal.  We will feature the work of the great photographer William Notman, in framing the portrait of the Anglophone elite, and immortalizing the beauty of the port.

Montreal becomes rich by maintaining privileged commercial ties with England, but this link disappears when the United Kingdom unites with the European Common Market in 1973.  Montreal loses its status as a metropolis, and must reinvent itself.  Is it destined to become a regional centre?  Can it ward off a decline?

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