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Sylvie Fréchette`s Story

Canadian synchronized swimming champion Sylvie Fréchette lived through one of the most harrowing experiences in Olympic history. Only a week before the 1992 Barcelona games, her fiancé Sylvain Lake committed suicide. Grief threatened to destroy Fréchette's Olympic dream, but the young athlete stunned her fans by giving the performance of her life

Then, in another twist of fate, a judge's hand slipped over a computer keypad, giving Fréchette a low score that ruined her chances for gold. By the time she returned to Montreal, the injustice, and Fréchette's graceful acceptance of the silver medal, had transformed the swimmer into a symbol of dignity in the face of adversity.

Sixteen months later,Fréchette was fully vindicated when the International Olympic Committee acknowledged the judge's mistake and awarded her a second gold medal in an emotional ceremony in Fréchette's native Montreal.

In this intimate documentary portrait, Sylvie Fréchette tells all - the horror of her fiancé's suicide, the bittersweet joy of the late gold medal, her second career as a star performer with the Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas and the passionate new love in her life.

The camera follows Fréchette as she deals with recent setbacks, struggling with the anger and pain from a knee injury that forces her to abandon full-time swimming to become a coach. This is the story of an athlete who found triumph in defeat and defined courage for a generation of Canadians.

Written and Directed by Paul Carvalho

Produced by Perception Films Inc. in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

© 2000