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The Geometry of Love


Written and Directed by Paul Carvalho

From the book by Margaret Visser

Produced by Colin Neale and Beverley Bliss




Margaret Visser, author of a book on the symbolism of churches called THE GEOMETRY OF LOVE, enters the church of Sant'Agnese furoi le Mura in Rome and proceeds to explain the profound meanings hidden in everything from stairwells to aisles, the altar, the marble tent above it, the columns and the shape of the church itself. Visser blends anthropology, theology, art history and architecture to provide us with revealing insights into the Christian search for transcendence and the evolution of Western civilization.

Margaret Visser is a Canadian citizen and long-time Professor at the University of Toronto. She has written several highly acclaimed books on such ordinary things as What's for Dinner, an anthropological examination of the rituals of dining, and The Way We Are, a series of essays on ordinary aspects of the evolution of manners.

All of Visser's books have been international best sellers. They have been translated into French, German, and Portuguese. She appears frequently on radio and television, and has lectured extensively in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia. Most recently she has written and presented a six-part series on everyday life in six European cities for BBC Radio Four. More information on Margaret Visser can be found at

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